Launching their inaugural collection for the SS19 season in New York City,

Glory Be Thy Name’s Pagoda Halo is a range of women’s and unisex pieces

that all draw from the idea of a leisurely afternoon in a park under the pagoda,

sipping drinks perhaps at a wedding or some other celebration. 

The sun is bright and gives everyone a glistening radiance —

as if they were wearing crowns of light. 


    There is light, there is peace, there is rejuvenation and friendship,

the good things that make life worth living. 

The collection is designed from the point of personal elevation and spiritual grounding.

From Soft Structure Tyvek dresses that are sculptural

like volumetric marble columns but light as air,

100% Egyptian Cotton Shirts with East meets West composition

perfect for the office and an evening or weekend out,

Linen Round Pants with exposed zipper create an industrial finish on a refined cut.

Sheer Linen Dresses with a  contemporary Hellenistic silhouette, 

and a billowy Linen Jacket that provides an ethereal realm of style and sense of protection. 


Japanese Denim forms the Shinto line of pants that are expertly tailored

to fit a woman’s or man’s body,

the denim also forms the A-line Tokyo skirt

and its wide wrap belt creates an urban samurai feel.

Exaggerated high waisted and dropped crotch Italian Wool pinstripe pants

pair seamlessly with the Egyptian Cotton shirts for an edgy office look or the

Physical Education Jersey Cotton tops for a more casual spring encounter.